Live Music

Newfoundland folk duo Quote The Raven – the pairing of powerhouse vocalist Jordan Coaker and haunting songstress Kirsten Rodden-Clarke – has made an immediate and emphatic statement with their long-awaited debut album.
Aptly titled Golden Hour, Quote The Raven’s studio debut is the physical embodiment of right place, right time, right people. Crafted alongside virtuoso producer Chris Kirby, and featuring an embarrassingly high caliber of Canada’s songwriting elite – Gabrielle Papillon, Ian Janes, Charlie A’Court, Keith Mullins, Chris Kirby, Stephen Green, Aaron Green, and Dwight D’eon – Golden Hour is as much a statement piece of a pair of hungry musicians ready to hit the stratosphere as it is a tremendous artistic achievement. They’ve spent the majority of the year travelling around Canada, with stops in Germany and Trinidad and Tobago, and are now excited to be home to play some Christmas music.

Join them December 22 at Granite 8-11 for a lovely night out.